The best solution is the right combo of words and images.

PROJECT: EF #UltimateLoveLetters

Role: Associate Creative Director, Copy | Concept, campaign strategy, copyediting

Goal: Develop an email and social campaign that would acknowledge the impact of Covid-19 on young travelers and inspire them to keep daydreaming about the places they love and miss

Team: Reid Flynn, Kevin McGraw (copy), Diana Mora (design), Haley DeLuca (social)

PROJECT: Nahcotta / Enormous Tiny Art

Role: Co-Founder, Haigh + Martino (HAM) | Strategy, copywriting

Goal: Rebrand and reimagine a beloved gallery, retail space and quarterly exhibition

Team: Dylan Haigh, Kelsey Wise (design), Demri Rosekrans (producer) 

PROJECT: New Day Ventures 

Role: Chief Marketing Officer | Branding, marketing strategy, design, copywriting

Goal: Launch an angel investment capital firm focused on investing in enterprise software companies founded by People of Color located in overlooked regional areas designated as Opportunity Zones

Team: Brent Schmitt, Founder and CEO

PROJECT: Gunstock Mountain Resort 

Role: Co-Founder, Haigh + Martino (HAM) | Strategy, copywriting, art direction

Goal: Find the voice of adventure and rebrand an 80 year old mountain resort 

Team: Dylan Haigh, Kelsey Wise (design), Demri Rosekrans (producer) 

PROJECT: EF Ultimate Break Rebrand Explorations 

Role: Associate Creative Director, Copy | Branding strategy, copywriting, art direction

Goal: Rebrand e-commerce travel site for millennials and Gen Z (

Team: Christine Bombard (ACD, Design), Sky Erickson (design), Diana Mora (design) 

PROJECT: Good To-Go 

Role: Co-Founder, Haigh + Martino (HAM) | Branding strategy, copywriting, packaging, art direction

Goal: Launch a big idea for gourmet rehydrated meals and celebrate real adventure and good food

Team: Dylan Haigh and Kelsey Wise (design)

PROJECT: Vida Cantina Restaurant 

Role: Co-Founder, Haigh + Martino (HAM) | Branding strategy, interior design, art direction

Goal: Transform a former Friendly's diner into a James Beard award winning Mexican cantina 

Team: Dylan Haigh and Brett Stenson (design)

PROJECT: 3S Artspace 

Role: Co-Founder, Haigh + Martino (HAM) | Branding, marketing strategy, copywriting, art direction

Goal: Introduce a community to a bold new space for the arts and culture 

Team: Dylan Haigh 

PROJECT: Yarrow CBD Retail 

Role: Freelance Consultant | Branding, marketing strategy, design

Goal: Bring life transforming products to a local community through an educational retail space 

Team: Jodie Curtis, Founder

PROJECT: Proximity Lab 

Role: Co-Founder, Haigh + Martino (HAM) | Marketing strategy, prototype design, copywriting, web design

Goal: Create an innovative and interactive campaign to serve as a vehicle for charitable giving

Team: Dylan Haigh 

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