Heroes + Villains: Pecha Kucha Talk

My PechaKucha talk from June 18, 2015 attempted to start exploring what I believe is a HUGE concept: how do we determine the things we love and hate? Do we draw lines? Do we have to? This is just the beginning of a question I regularly pose to myself. I’d like to keep exploring, drilling down into the whys. For now, this is a starting place.

Note on a big correction: I misspoke (part of the joy and challenge of delivering a talk that only allows for 20 seconds each for a total of 20 slides!) about the number of deaths that occurred under the Stalin regime. Jeez, no biggie, right? I had said 6 million and had intended to say 30 million – though even that number is contested for over and under-estimation.

More about what a PechaKucha is and more about PechaKucha night in Portsmouth, NH


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