#FightPoverty Travelogue: Baton Rouge, LA

March 29, 2015 004

Visiting Baton Rouge, LA was one of the most intense trips I have ever been on. From the very beginning, the overwhelming love and warmth upon my arrival was more than I ever expected (and probably more than I deserved as a stranger walking into their community, albeit, with great intentions of helping them find ways to change the epidemic of poverty) and certainly more than my worn and weary heart could handle. I spent an entire day choked up from a variety of emotions.

2015-03-28 09.24.23

This story starts with Mr. T. Affectionately, and for obvious reasons, also known as “The Servant.” Mr. T found RESULTS randomly (or by fate and faith, as he would say) and called us up. He eventually found his way to me and our first conversation was at least an hour long. What is usually the beginning of a process where I familiarize folks with RESULTS, advocacy, how the group start process works, and issue education, it quickly became something else: my education on Baton Rouge, and a community that had long endured hardships.

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